The idea to create a kick bike company was born when my wife and I were living in London. We were taking our kids to two separate schools every morning and needed to find a way to do it safely (considering London traffic) and quickly, ensuring everyone was in the right place at the right time. So we got small push scooters for the kids, which was great. Except we now needed to walk very briskly next to them, and at times even jog alongside them before we went to work. Not ideal . . .

We started looking at options for ourselves, and this is where the idea of getting a large wheel kick bike, or scooter as they say in the UK, came from. We looked at different models but couldn’t find the right combination of design, variability of options and price.

During this time, we were also planning to move back to Sweden and I wanted a career change, having worked in Financial Services for more than 15 years. And that is how the idea to create a kick bike company was born.

We got the names for our scooter models from Brazilian Jiujutsu, which the kids and I train, where we use kick bikes to get to practice multiple times per week. 

We wanted to create scooters that would be equally relevant to older kids and  adults, so we opted to create two models. They are both height adjustable, so can be used by an 8-year-old just as well as an 80-year-old. And, my wife being in the fashion industry, we really wanted to ensure that they had a nice, minimalistic design that would appeal to families similar to my own.

Our first prototypes resonated extremely well amongst our friends and class mates at school, and everyone who tried them really enjoyed how it felt to ride them. The experience on large wheels was so different to that of the small kids’ scooters people were used to – you glide rather than stomp your way forward. And the fact that they could be used on sidewalks, rather than on the streets was important, especially during school runs as parents could avoid the London traffic. Finally, we wanted to ensure that we could achieve an affordable price point so that everyone felt that they could afford a larger scooter.

So, here we are, starting with a few different colour options on the bikes themselves as well as different coloured wheels. We will continue to look at new design and colour options in the future.

So, go ahead, get yourself a large wheel scooter. They are not just for kids and they are a lot of fun to ride. They are safe, height adjustable, equipped with bike breaks and you can use them in a lot of places where smaller kick bikes, or regular bicycles would be a challenge; across gravel or cobblestone, over sidewalk curbs or during rain. Plus, they look great!

Adult Scooter Kimura 12 Inches Trottinette, Roller, Patinete