Which scooter model should I choose?

Both models are the same height so the deciding between the two is primarily a decision of which design you prefer, and which riding experience suits you better.

 The Americana model has larger wheels and is longer and therefore gives a smoother riding experience and more of a bouncy feel when you ride it.

 The Kimura model has smaller wheels and is shorter and will therefore give you a more compact and stiff feel when you ride it.


Do they come fully assembled?

To ensure the scooters can be shipped in flat packages they come partly assembled. This means that there are just a few steps of final assembly required on your part. These steps are explained in detail on the Assembly page  Assembly

How tall do you have to be to ride one of your scooters?

We have found that anyone between 140-190 cm will get the most out of our scooters.


How do I lock the scooter?

We find that the easiest way to lock the scooters is to use a standalone cable lock or a cable in conjunction with a padlock and wrap the cable lock around the bike's frame and a post or similar.

 Are they foldable?

Yes, you can fold the handlebar so you can get it in to the trunk of a car, or other small spaces.


What does the law say about scooters, in terms of wearing a helmet and riding on the pavement?

The laws vary from country to country and sometimes between regions so please check your local laws and regulations. That said, we always recommend wearing a helmet when you are riding on a scooter, and the scooters are generally intended for use on sidewalks and not the road. However, in some countries, where you are allowed to ride, is determined by the speed you are travelling at, so you may need to ride in bike lanes or in the street if you ride very quickly. Also remember, when you are riding on sidewalks with pedestrians, they have right of way. Finally, and most importantly, ride safely!


Can I bring a scooter with me on the bus or subway?

Again, you would need to check the rules and regulations in your country or city but generally scooters are allowed on public transport

What maintenance is required?

The kick scooters, like all bikes, need to be maintained to ensure they last long, ride well and do not rust or break down. The scooters should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, sand or long durations in rain or snow. They are intended for transportation and not for tricks, stunts or jumps. Key aspects of maintenance are:

  • Always ensure screws and bolts are tightened before riding
  • Always ensure that the brakes are effectively braking
  • Do not store the scooters outside if it is raining or snowing or in a humid place
  • When adjusting the height of the handlebar, always ensure that you leave 75mm of the handlebar in the fork. You can see the indentations on the handlebar showing where you must not exceed the height
  • Keep away from salt and sand
  • Do not use the scooters for stunts, jumps or tricks
  • Always ensure the tyres are properly inflated before riding
  • Apply bicycle oil to the bearings annually 

Can I return the scooter if it is broken or if I change my mind?

Yep, returns happen and that is ok. We want satisfied customers and will work with you to make sure that you are or that you can return your scooter to us. The only thing we expect is that you inform us within 30 days of having received the scooter that you want to return it and that is has not been used. Of course you can unpack it and look at it but it cannot be dirty and used outside. If the return is due to the scooter being damaged or if you have received the wrong scooter or color we will of course pay for the return and replacement. However, if it is because you changed your mind and no longer want a scooter you will need to pay for the return yourself. But we are confident that this won't happen when you see the scooter in front of you. In case of a receiving a faulty scooter or incorrect order please contact us within two months of having received it. Just to emphasize, we want 100% satisfied customers and believe in our products so if there is anything you wonder just drop as an email and we will work with you to resolve it.

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