Black & White Kimura - White Scooter With 12 Inch Black Wheels

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The Kimura scooter model provides a solid and stable riding experience and is more compact than the Americana.

It is the perfect choice for the shorter commute to work, a quick trip to the cafe or for your school run with the kids.

The 12inch wheels allow you to simply, safely and comfortably go over uneven terrain, smaller sidewalk curbs and you can even ride on gravel or cobblestone.

Using a scooter is a great way to avoid morning traffic, it is safer than a regular bicycle since you can usually ride on the side walk. As an added bonus, you get a bit of exercise getting from point A to point B.

The kick bike is height adjustable and the recommended minimum height for a scooter user of this model is 140 cm. You can fold the push scooter’s handlebar to get it in to the trunk of a car or take it with you when you travel.

Product specs:

  • Weight 7kg
  • 87cm - 104cm height
  • 61cm height when folded
  • 119cm length
  • 100kg weight capacity
  • Deck length 30cm
  • Height of platform from ground: 9cm
  • Tire valve: Schrader ("car" valve)